Weak digestive power is the root of many conditions.

Most notably, kapha disease is associated with mandagni. Hence, Mandāgni is at the root of conditions such as obesity, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and moist respiratory conditons. It’s true that vata dosha vitiation also causes a disturbance in digestion but this is termed viṣamāgni meaning variable or fluctuating agni and digestion. Let’s look at what causes mandāgni or weak, sluggish digestion.

1. Heavy foods like cheese, meats, flour, nuts, oils, and sugar
2. Excess consumption: Too much of any food, even a healthy food, will causes weak digestion.
3. Lack of exercise: Agni depends upon motion. Air stokes the fire. If you are lethargic, digestion will become weak.
4. Excess consumption of water. Water puts out the fire (agni). We all need water, just not too much.
5. Ice water: And ice water is the worst water because it is cold and this antidotes the heat needed to sustain agni
6. Excessive Sleep: Sleep is necessary but too much is the opposite of motion. Remember, agni (fire) needs some air (motion). Too much sleep creates physical and mental heaviness.
7. Not chewing food enough: Large chunks of food are like putting large logs on a fire. It suppresses the fire. Digestion begins in the mouth. Chew your food well.
8. Spending too much time in cool water. Too much time in the river, lake or ocean cools down agni. This is better though if you spend that time swimming (exercising) and then get out and enjoy the sun.