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Our History

In 1993, Dr. Marc Halpern set up his first herbal apothecary in his home consisting of about 50 different raw herbs. He designed each formulation individually for every patient;  hand-picking the herbs, grinding them, and then preparing them into medicines. When the California College of Ayurveda opened its herbal pharmacy in 1996, he passed on his knowledge to his students who prepared herbal formulations individually for each and every patient. The College pharmacy grew to house more than 200 raw herbs. In 2006, Dr. Halpern was joined on staff by Dr. Brenda Krulikowski who assumed the day-to-day management of the herbal pharmacy. Together, they expanded their services, built a beautiful herbal teaching garden, offered herbal apprenticeship classes, and trained thousands of students.

Over the years, Dr. Halpern and Dr. Krulikowski discovered that some formulations were simply too good to keep to themselves and the college community. In 2021, they decided to release the first of these formulations (products) to the public so that both graduate practitioners and the public could gain easier access to them.  These are sustainably sourced herbal products utilizing organic ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Invest In Your Optimum Health

Ayurveda is the ancient and traditional medicine of India. It is is a science based upon understanding individualized needs and meeting those needs to bring about a person’s optimum health.

Ayurveda views each person as unique with individual needs. We may all be human but we have slightly different physiologies and emotional tendencies. Ayurveda teaches that for this reason, each person’s path toward optimal health is also unique. The goal of Ayurveda is to support the body’s natural internal healing capability.

Our Experts


Dr. Marc Halpern

Dr. Marc Halpern

President: California College of Ayurveda
Product Formulator

Dr Brenda Krulikowski

Dr. Brenda Krulikowski

Chief Herbalist: California College of Ayurveda
Product Formulator

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