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AyBo Products

  • Vata Digestive

    Vata Digestive


Strengthen Digestion with Vata Digestive.
AyBo’s Vata Digestive product is specifically designed to create cleaner digestion. This strengthens your ability to digest food and reduces gas production.

  • Improves Digestion

  • Reduces Gas & Bloating

  • Reduces Cramping

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  • Pitta Digestive - front

    Pitta Digestive


Balance Your Digestion with Pitta Digestive. AyBo’s Pitta Digestion is specifically designed to improve digestion and reduce burning indigestion while bringing long-term balance to the digestive system.

  • Reduces burning indigestion

  • Reduces Pitta dosha in the digestive system

  • Protects the mucous membranes

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  • Kapha Digestive | Front of bottle

    Kapha Digestive


Stimulate Your Digestion with Kapha Digestive. AyBo’s Kapha Digestion is specifically designed to stimulate digestion and antidote the heaviness that is felt. Our formula is light, dry, and stimulating.

  • Stimulates Digestion

  • Reduces feelings of Heaviness

  • Reduces Sluggishness

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  • Vata Elimination


Regulate and Cleanse with Vata Elimination. AyBo’s Vata Elimination helps regulate bowel movements and supports internal cleansing. According to ayurvedic principles, healthy elimination should occur daily.

  • Regular Daily Elimination

  • Easy Elimination

  • Eases Constipation

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Advancing Traditional Formulas

Inspired by traditional wisdom and
refined by modern science to
provide long term benefits.

Our Story

Ayurvedic Botanicals’ formulations have been time-tested through clinical practice at the California College of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Botanicals’ formulations contain the knowledge and wisdom that can only be gained through more than 30 years of study, practice, and teaching.

In 1993, Dr. Marc Halpern AyD set up his first herbal apothecary in his home consisting of about 50 different raw herbs. When the California College of Ayurveda opened its herbal pharmacy in 1996, he passed on his knowledge to his students and the herbal department grew to house more than 200 raw herbs.

In 2006, Dr. Brenda Krulikowski AyD joined the herbal pharmacy. Together, they expanded their services, built a beautiful herbal teaching garden, offered herbal apprenticeship classes, and trained thousands of students. Over the years, Dr. Halpern AyD and Dr. Krulikowski AyD discovered that some formulations were simply too good to keep to themselves, and Ayurvedic Botanicals was created.

Ayurvedic Botanicals carries professionally crafted Ayurvedic products for your personal care using the highest-quality, sustainably sourced herbal products. Their products are made with organic ingredients and packaged sustainably.

AyBo Testimonials

“Within just a few days I started seeing changes and my digestion was starting to come into balance. I started noticing I was actually hungry for breakfast, something I usually didn’t experience. In addition, to more stimulated digestion I also saw my sleep was starting to improve and I was sleeping more soundly. I didn’t realize how unbalanced my digestion was. I now recommend AyBo products to friends. “

~ Emma Sherwood

“AyBo products have helped turn my eating and digestive process into a smooth process. No more bloating and heaviness after I started taking the Vata Digestive capsules!”

~ Jordan Lucero

“Pitta Digestive is a great formulation that helps me cool down my digestion and I feel more balanced as a result.
I take it every day and I really appreciate it.”

~ Michael O’Brien