Elimination & The Three Doshas

Elimination & The Three Doshas

Imbalances often first appear in the digestive / elimination system of the body before overflowing and entering into other tissues. Awareness of digestion and elimination can lead to treatment of the vitiated dosha before it causes even more problems in the body. Think of the digestive system as containing the root of a weed. The dosha is the weed. Pull the weed at the root and the rest of the weed soon dies. This is the case with many diseases. Heal digestion /elimination and many diseases slowly fade away.

The stools of a person with a vata imbalance tend to be hard and difficult to eliminate without straining. One presentation is of hard little balls often called “rabbit turd” stools. The frequency of elimination is often variable with a tendency toward constipation. Elimination that occurs once every two or more days is almost certain to indicate a vata imbalance. Even with daily stools, if they are hard and dry, vata is out of balance. Constipation is often but not always accompanied by gas and bloating.

The bowel movements of a person with a pitta imbalance tend to be soft or loose and quite frequent. It is unusual for people with a pitta nature to miss having a bowel movement and if they do, a vata imbalance should be suspected. Sometimes a pitta imbalance will also produce stools that are greenish or yellowish, reflecting liver and gallbladder imbalances. People with a pitta imbalance often have 2-3 bowel movements each day and the stools may burn the rectum when eliminated. The sharp nature of pitta is also evident in the bowel movements in the form of a strong, putrid odor. Pitta elimination is often but not always accompanied by burning indigestion.

Kapha-type imbalances in the elimination system lead to large and bulky stools, reflecting the heavy, solid nature of kapha. Elimination is mostly regular but the stools may appear pale or contain mucus that can be seen as stringy, strands in the toilet. Kapha-type elimination is often but not always accompanied by heavy, sluggish digestion where it feels like food just sits in the stomach. Appetite is low as a result.

Watch your elimination carefully. This is a good self-awareness tool for you to use to make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle before more serious issues occur.
Be well, Be kind, Be love.